Baby Girl Got Her First Shots

I’m going to start this post by admitting that I was the wuss today.  I had been dreading Mabel’s appointment with the doctor for the past week and since hindsight is 20/20, I blew it way out of proportion.  But since I didn’t know this to begin with, my husband was the one who took Mabel to the doctor’s office today.  
I waited impatiently for an hour and a half with no word from my husband and of course my brain started going through tons of different scenarios since it was taking way longer than the appointment should have!  Come to find out my husband had got the appointment time wrong and had to wait before being seen.  Finally I heard the garage door open and rushed out to see Mabel (Forget the husband!  I needed to see the baby!).  Well, the little baby was passed out in her car seat.
Once inside the house and the baby was put down for a nap, I heard the play by play from my husband.  Mabel’s appointment had gone well.  She’s a week shy of being 3 months and she’s 23.5 inches long and weighs 11 pounds.  They didn’t give him the percentiles but of course I looked them up on Google, and she’s tiny!  My husband’s family is on the smaller side so she might just be a pixie.  🙂
Anyway, after the appointment, he told me he had to take her over to ‘Immunizations’.  In most dr.’s offices your child will receive their shots in the same exam room that they had their appointment in.  But, since we are military, they do things differently.  The Immunization office is right next to the pediatrician’s though.  Hubby said she was passed out when they went to give her the shots.  The lady pinched her thigh and quickly gave each shot.  Mabel’s eyes shot open and let out a wail.  In my husband’s words, “She was probably thinking ‘I’ve been shanked!'”.  Um, yeah…my husband’s a nut.  He said she only cried a little bit and then fell back asleep.
This sounds like something I can handle next time and I will definitely go to help comfort her.  And as of right now, she has no fever and has been in a good mood since the shots.  She is a little more sleepy than usual but still in good spirits.
Take a look:
Getting ready for her Daddy’s birthday!  Woo Hoo!
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