Mabel is a Cuddler!

This little lady is now a cuddler!

And I couldn’t be happier! Up until last week, this baby wanted nothing to do with being held longer than five minutes.  I thought that was strange, but I guess some babies just like to be a little more independent.  So, to my surprise she has wanted to be held a lot lately.  I know for sure there is a fine line between wanting to be held and wanting to never be put down, lol!  She still likes to spend time on her own (she’s too young to be this independent!!!), but at least she’s including me in her day now…haha!**Stay tuned this week…I have a post coming up of the newborn – 3 month must haves that we’ve found we couldn’t live with out!  Also I’m planning on doing a video of my diaper bag and what’s inside.  Nothing too exciting but I can show off my diaper bag that I love and have received compliments on (totally doesn’t look like a diaper bag…more of a hot mom bag, ha!)!**

*I’ve totally been slacking on the blog and I’ve fallen to #21! *
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One thought on “Mabel is a Cuddler!

  1. {:miss v:} says:

    She's such a cutie! My little one will be 10 weeks tomorrow! Time is flying! Oh and her name is Morgan too!

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