Baby Girl’s Name Reveal to Family…and Black Friday

I’m not giving away Baby Girl’s name in this post, so don’t get your hopes up, lol!  I will share as soon as I get the artwork done for above her crib.  I plan on posting the picture as the way I tell you all!  🙂
After Thanksgiving dinner, my sister, aunt and stepmother, who had been working on a list of names (just as diligently as you all on facebook/blog/and vlog) and they had made a game out of it.  They even bought a prize for the family member who guessed right.  After several wrong guesses…my sister got it!  And I’ll admit, I was relieved…everyone said it was really cute and my aunt actually knows a little baby girl with the name we chose.
Anyway…I’m getting excited to share with you all soon!  🙂
And out of curiosity…did anyone take advantage of Black Friday?  I wasn’t brave enough to head out…and this pregnant lady chose sleep over fighting people over a tv, lol!  I have been looking online though to see if I can find some deals.  None so far yet that I’ve bought…but if anyone knows of some great baby deals for either today, this weekend or Cyber Monday…PLEASE let me know!
Hope everyone had a great holiday!
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