How to Get Blood Stains Out of Your Clothes

Pregnancy let me experience another new symptom yesterday…a nosebleed!  I’ve never had one before in my life and out of the blue my nose just started dripping blood.  Gross!  After I used my trusty friend Google, I learned that it’s normal and happens to a lot of women during pregnancy.  Apparently it’s all because of the increased blood flow…which can increase the volume in the vessels in your nose and due to the weather getting dryer…BAM I got a nosebleed.

Now, I can handle stuff like this but when I realized it had gotten all over my new shirt (it was the striped one you saw in the most recent vlog and it had only been the 2nd time I wore it!) I freaked.  You all know maternity clothes aren’t cheap and to ruin a shirt without wearing it more than once is a shame!  I immediately went back to Google (what would I do without it???) and found a solution!

Here’s my shirt:

See the blood stain on the off white color?  Nope!!  Because I got it out!  Here’s how:

*ASAP get the article of clothing under cold water.
*Then pour salt over the blood and let it sit for 5-10 minutes.
*Then rinse the shirt under cold water.
*If the stain is still there, repeat salt, wait and rinse…until gone!

It was magic!

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