BeBand – My New Best Friend

I dabbled in the land of maternity clothing today and yes I know it’s soon but I’m just so excited I couldn’t help myself.  I found some cute capri pants and shirts from Motherhood on clearance (a favorite word of mine) at Babies’R’Us.  I think I spent about $150 on 4 shirts and 4 pairs of capris…pretty good if you ask me!  Now, of course the stuff doesn’t fit yet, but I’ll be prepared for when I need it later this summer!  🙂

Then, my afternoon excursion led me to Target.  While perusing through the maternity section I stumbled up the BeBand (pic taken from

Target BeBand - belly band is a life safer to help extend weaing pants when pregnant and to help them fit after pregnancy.

This wonderful invention makes it easier to continue to wear your normal clothes by leaving the button unbuttoned and covered with the elastic band. Also, it can be used to hold up loose maternity pants and be used after pregnancy to help keep either maternity pants up or your regular pants up while you’re losing your post-baby tummy.

I had been reading online about the Bella Band but have held off since I didn’t want to order something for $26 that I couldn’t easily try on to make sure it would work (I hate the hassle of returning online purchases!).  So, as I read the packaging of the BeBand in Target, I was thrilled to read that it was made from the makers of Bella Band!!  And even better…the price…only $16.99 compared to the Bella Band’s $26.  It was the same product, $10 bucks cheaper and we all know I love a deal!  So I bought two!  One in black and one in white.  They also make another color, tan.  I thought if I got them home and they didn’t work, I could easily return it to the store without having to wait in line at the post office, plus no postage and handling.

Anyway, I got home and of course tried it on immediately.  My shorts have been tight due to me being super bloated (eww) and I must admit I was very surprised.  My shorts felt better without the button and you couldn’t even tell I was wearing the BeBand.  I ended up wearing it for the rest of the day and now have a new love:  my BeBand.

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