My Blood Work

Yesterday I went and had my blood drawn at the clinic (when you’re a military family you have to do everything the way that Tricare wants, lol).  Luckily the guy that was drawing my blood was awesome and I hardly even felt the stick.  Easy peasy.  Then I was told that they’d call me with the results…I already knew it was going to be: positive, but that still didn’t stop me from worrying that somehow there was no hcg in my system.  Sure enough, I got the call a few hours later, “Ma’am, you’re definitely pregnant”.  Now comes the hard part…we are moving in three weeks and so I have to wait even longer to be seen at the OB’s office in the state we’re moving to.  Lol, why does it have to be the time that we are moving across the country?
I hope hubby is prepared to stop every 2 hours to let me pee on our moving roadtrip.

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