Birchbox – July 2012

As you can see, I signed up for another monthly subscription box.  In addition the The Little Black Bag (you can read my first review here) I still wanted to sign up for one more thing just for myself, non-baby related.  : )

I finally got off the Birchbox wait-list after being on it for about a month and I got my first box this past Friday.  Yeah, I know that reviews are pretty dated after everyone has already had theirs for over a week (I’ve already watched a ton of ‘unboxing’ vlogs on YouTube) but I figured I’d do a post on mine since I had some different items that I hadn’t seen others show in their box.

Here’s what I got, and I’m going to start with the boring stuff first:

Little earbud headphones and a Larabar.  Neither one was I super excited about, but I wasn’t disappointed either.  I’ll eat the Larabar and the headphones will be junk headphones that I don’t care about losing.  I haven’t tried either, but I’m pretty sure the Larabar will be good since I’ve enjoyed them in the past and I doubt the headphone quality will be good, but what can you expect from a $10 box?  Lol, I love people who totally bash these boxes when you only spend $10 a month.  It’s not like they are going to send Bose headphones!

Now on to the good stuff!

1. Color Club Nail Polish in Blue Ming

2. Stila HD BB Cream (I was super excited about this one since I love BB cream!)

3. theBalm Stainiac in Beauty Queen (super excited about this one but I think older members of Birchbox might have received this  a month or two ago?)

4. Juliet Has a Gun – Miss Charming (very light floral smell, which once again, I love!)

I had seen that a lot of others had received a liquid eyeliner pen which was full size, I was kind of jealous until I realized it was a marker tip.  I like liquid eyeliner but it’s gotta be a brush tip…I think you get a better line with those and the pigment goes on smoother.  I also wanted those MintTeas that others had received…but you win some and you lose some!

Overall, I’m really happy with what I got.  Can’t wait until next month!

Feel like you want to sign up?  Here’s my referal link.  : )  Not sure if it helps you get an invite quicker than signing up on your own, but worth a shot!

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