My First Experience With ‘Little Black Bag’

I’ve all the sudden developed an addiction to monthly subscription sites and now that I have Mabel signed up for a few, I figured it was time to do one for myself:  Little Black Bag (this is a referral link).  And I want you all to know that I paid for this out of my own pocket…I have no connection to the company!

My first Little Black Bag Purchase!

I discovered this site after watching some reviews on it by a few YouTube ‘beauty gurus’ and it sounded pretty interesting.  Basically you start off filling out a style profile.  Then you go on to view their gallery, which is full of tons of different items that range from purses, bags, jewelry, home items, makeup and other accessories.  You pick one item that you love and then according to your style profile they throw in two to three mystery items that total over $100!  I know you might be thinking ‘I’m not too keen on the idea of not picking out the other two or three items’…well, let me get to the fun part!  Once you purchase your box, they reveal what the mystery items are and now you have seven days to trade with other ladies.  So, if there were other items that you saw in the gallery, you can try to trade one of your other items for it.

This was sooooo addictive.  I was glued to my computer/iPhone waiting for trades to come in or waiting for someone to accept my trade!

Let me show you what I got (after lots of trades):

Big Buddha Purse – Retails for $90
Steve Madden Aviators – Retail for $36
Set of 4 Chalkboard Mugs – Retail for $24

So yeah, the chalkboard mugs were random…but I’m truly happy with what I got.  Out of the three items, I had started out with the purse as my one item, got two mystery items that weren’t my style but I successfully traded for the aviators (which I traded for 3 days to get!) and then for the chalkboard mugs.  I really enjoyed the whole trading process.  Only disappointment was that there wasn’t chalk included to write on the mugs, ha!

But I will tell you that being the super researcher that I am, I did find my purse online for cheaper than $90…I think it was around $69 (or close to it).  And it had been sold in Nordstrom.  Still…the value was more than what I paid for the ‘box’ this month.

Wondering about the pricing?  You sign up for either a one time deal or a monthly subscription (if you sign up for the monthly option, it’s a little cheaper).  Now prepare yourself, it’s more expensive than other subscription sites.  The monthly subscription rate is $49.95 and then a few bucks for shipping.  But once you see the value of the items that you get, it’s worth it!  The best thing about this is that you can choose to skip a month if you’re not too excited about what you see in the gallery.  They also update the gallery every Monday.

Interested in checking out Little Black Bag for yourself?  Here’s my link for their page.

Have you signed up?  What do you think of the site?  What deals did you get??


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7 thoughts on “My First Experience With ‘Little Black Bag’

  1. Holly says:

    Hi! Great Blog! I found you on Top Mommy Blogs. I’m new to it, and am wondering how do you put that badge as your signature in each post? manually? or is there a way to automatically have it pop up in every post?? Thanks so much!

    • Morgan says:

      Hi! I put it in manually. When you log into your account there is an option to click that says banners. It will have the html code for you. 🙂

  2. Ann says:

    Hi, I also found you from Top Mommy Blogs!
    I’ve been browsing Little Black Bag for a while now, unfortunately all good deals are for US residents usually 🙂

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  4. Mandy says:

    This is so neat – I like this more than the Birchbox, but I definitely have to stop buying stuff especially with a baby on the way. Oh, the joys of motherhood 🙂


  5. KS says:

    Maybe it’s just this month but LBB’s bags are at least a few seasons old. I saw a Big Buddha bag on there for with “$108” that I passed up at TJMaxx for $40 a couple of months ago. I did buy the $30 LBB and actually got the things I needed so it didn’t seem like a waste of money. However, if you’re looking for a nice bag, I’d just hit up Ross or TJMaxx and save yourself the trouble.

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