Birchbox – September 2012

Birchbox – September 2012

Guess what showed up yesterday?  September’s Birchbox!  I have yet to be disappointed so I couldn’t wait to rip this bad boy open and find out what I got!

Here’s a play by play of opening it and what I saw:

Little blurb about what’s inside…I never read these, lol!
The Fall Lookbook
Products (left to right) – Dr. Jart+ bb cream, The Brush Guard, and Fekkai Technicial Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner

You gotta love the cute little package in each box!

(left to right) Color Club nail polish in Insta-This, Vasanti Brighten Up Enzymtic Face Rejuvenator and Twistband (hair tie)

Once again…LOVE everything I got.  I still think it’s an amazing deal for only $10 a month!

And I have been asked about the wait list and the time it takes to get off of it.  It took me about 4 weeks…and people who have signed up after me said the same.  So it’s not too long!  Worth the wait in my opinion!

Product info:

  • Dr. Jart+ – Water Fuse Beauty Balm SPF 25+ – Haven’t used since I still have my own BB cream that I’m using (Too Faced’s BB cream).   There is enough in this sample probably for a few days of wear.  ; )
  • The Brush Guard – Brush Guard Variety Kit – THIS IS A GENIUS IDEA!  If you’ve ever played with one of those woven finger traps as a kid, this is pretty much the same thing for your brushes.  I can’t tell you how many brushes I’ve had that get smooshed in travel, and these solve that problem!
  • Fakkai – Technician Color Care Collection Shampoo and Conditioner – Once again, haven’t used since I just got it yesterday but I’m going to try it out tonight.  First product I’ve ever received for dyed hair since I just started coloring mine.  I think I could get two uses out of the shampoo and conditioner sample.
  • Color Club – Birchbox Custom Polish in Insta-This – This month all the nail polish has social media themed names.  Pretty cute idea!  I think this color is amazing for fall and when I get a few minutes this weekend I plan on using it to paint my nails.
  • Vasanti – Brighten Up! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator – This is a pretty big sample and there will be a lot of uses out of.  Since I’m overhauling my skincare routine, I’m happy with this sample!  I think I’m going to try it with my Clarisonic!
  • Twistband – hair tie.  I really like these types of hair ties.  I have several others in the same style from another company.  Love the dark green that I got!

Already can’t wait for next month’s box!  Want to learn more about Birchbox or sign up yourself?  Click here!

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4 thoughts on “Birchbox – September 2012

  1. Amy says:

    I just looked into it. I live in England and I see you post about the Birchbox and it seems such a good deal. I found that over here we have a JolieBox which is pretty much the same. I think I will look more into it!!! Thanks!!

    • Morgan says:

      Amy, I’ve been looking all over the internet, and I think you guys have some fun boxes that we don’t get here. 🙂 What’s a JolieBox?

    • Morgan says:

      Jodi, once again thanks for your opinion and your concern of Mabel’s future. A $10 box a month won’t effect her future college education. 🙂

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