Downton Abbey and Mabel Don’t Mix

After hearing so much about Downton Abbey for the past two years and then a recent post on Facebook, I decided it was time to sit down and start watching from the very beginning.

Only I didn’t factor in one thing:  Mabel.

Photo 1 – Mabel’s ‘not impressed’ face, 2 – ‘I wanna eat you giraffe!’, 3 – ‘Ahhh, stop making me watch Downton Abbey!’

I should have known by now that trying to accomplish even the simplest of things like watching a tv show is now a more involved process with a little one.  I can no longer plop down on the couch for 60 uninterrupted moments.

Lol, how did I forget this?!

Anyway, I got Mabel situated on the floor with all her toys and sat down with her.  I was silly enough to think this was a good plan.  Pressed play on the tv and within five minutes had a crying baby.  I got her a bottle, figuring that might help…worked for a few minutes.

Then I realized I was completely lost in the show and had to restart it.  And of course Downton Abbey is a show that you actually need to pay attention to or you’re not going to have any idea of who is who or what’s going on.

Yep, saw this scene 4 times and still had no idea what was going on.

Mabel then decided that she didn’t want to be happy again…and the whole process repeated itself.  Guess Mabel doesn’t like Downton Abbey, lol!

I think in all I restarted the show 4 times and still have yet to watch the whole thing.

So I’ve come up with another plan of attack:  watch when she naps and/or after she goes to bed at night.  : )

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