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Fresh Produce…as in the clothing line, not food!  : )

Getaway Canvas Pant

I was lucky enough to receive these pants (Getaway Canvas Pant) last April and was thrilled since I’m a huge fan of Fresh Produce.  Only problem was that when I received them, I still hadn’t lost enough baby weight to fit into my pre-pregnancy size.  Total disappointment since I had been prepared to wear them out and about as soon as I got them!

But I worked hard and watched what I ate…and guess what ended up fitting this past weekend?  The pants!  I still have a little work to go…and then they will fit even better!

So enough about me journey to lose those post baby pounds…let’s get to my review!  If you’re not familiar with Fresh Produce, it’s a clothing company for women and kids.  Their clothes are what I like to call stylish comfort!   Fresh Produce clothing is primarily made in the USA (more brownie points!) and sold in boutiques and retailers throughout the US, Canada and the Caribbean.

The pants that I’m wearing in the photos are the Getaway Canvas Pant and they come in eight different colors.  I figured white would be a great color for spring and summer!  While wearing them I felt fashionable yet was able to do everything such as bending over, sitting on the floor, kneeling…and everything else needed to take care of Mabel with ease! And you’ll notice in the photos I have them hem buttoned up, making them into capris.  If I wanted to, I could unbutton them and make them into a full length pant.  And like I’ve said in plenty of other reviews…I LOVE products that have more than one way to wear or more than one use!

With fall approaching in the next few weeks, I have my eye on several more pieces of clothing from Fresh Produce:

Sweater Knit Drape Top
Vintage Slub Cardigan

See what I mean?  Pretty chic and comfortable too!

And I even found something for Mabel for next summer:

Infant Ruffle Tank Dress

Check out Fresh Produce for yourself!

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*I was given a a pair of Fresh Produce Pants to review.  All opinions are completely honest and my own.  I would never post a review of a product if I didn’t truly love it!  : ) *

4 thoughts on “Fresh Produce – Stylish Comfort

  1. Genevieve says:

    I like that their clothes are made in the USA. Plus the fit is really nice on you and it’s great that they’re comfortable enough to wear throughout the day. I think I’ll check them out!

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