Blast From the Past

Recently I got an email stating I had been tagged in some pictures on Facebook.  I always dread those since you never know what pictures you’ve been tagged in.  So I quickly found my way to my laptop and pulled up Facebook to be confronted with these:

Awkward Photos From When I Was In Elementary School

Oh. No.

Yes, those are me.

Me at the same girl’s birthday party from two different years.  I was decked out in Aladdin (you know, the Disney movie) pjs in one and a mismatched striped short with a floral shirt in the other.  I’m at a loss for words.

The left photo was from 3rd grade and the right was from 4th grade.  Notice my insanely long braid in the photo on the left.  Long as in scary long…like no adult can pull that off and look cute, and after seeing this photo I’m not sure little kids should be trying to pull it off either, ha!  My other hair critique in these photos are my bangs….if you can even call them bangs.  It was like the whole front of my hair was a bowl cut and the back was long.  Um, did I just realize that I was sporting a mullet?! 

And mom, if you’re reading this – I know you meant well by cutting my hair yourself but this may have been the reason why I wasn’t in the ‘cool’ crowd at school.

Note to self – take Mabel to get her hair cut by a professional when the time comes.

Thanks Facebook for reminding me of my elementary school self.

Have any of you had awkward Facebook photo tags that you weren’t expecting?  Tell me in the comment below!  😉

*Oh and I had my first guest post EVER today!  It might be a familiar post to some of you (it’s a re-edited post from this blog from a couple of weeks ago) but it’s still a good one!  Check it out on Melissa’s blog:  The Life of a Not So Ordinary Wife*


3 thoughts on “Blast From the Past

  1. laura says:

    Ugggh the dreaded facebook tagging! I actually changed my setting so that I can ‘review’ pics i’m tagged in and then approve if I want them posted on my wall. Works like a charm 😉

  2. Demetria says:

    I second Laura. I absolutely cringe when I find out I’ve been tagged in some unsightly way!! 🙂
    Setting up my fb so I need to approve the posting is the way to go.
    (I’m sure u were a cutie anyhoo)- but yeah I totally understand.

    Btw, just found your blog, love it!

  3. Emi says:

    Oh believe me I have worse pictures!!! The way my mom dressed me and fixed my hair…. Embarrassing!! And she kept mine cut in a bob plus I had glasses. Thank goodness when I got to high school I kinda got a little prettier haha..

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