Have You Hugged a Pug?

Mabel hugged her first pug today (that’s Tater).  I knew my child would love pugs, lol!  I’ve had this unhealthy obsession with all things pugs since I first saw the movie Milo and Otis way back in the day, and I was set on making sure my offspring loved pugs too.  So this truly made my day.

And no, my husband wasn’t just shoving her on Tater, ha!  She was ‘standing’ on my hubby’s lap, grabbing on Tater’s wrinkles when all of the sudden she just leaned forward and put her arm around his chest and her head on his neck.  I jumped off the couch at breakneck speed to grab my phone and Instagrammed this moment!  And notice her crazy bedhead if you haven’t already.  She always has mini dreads when she wakes up that I have to comb out ever morning.

Yay!  My baby loves pugs.

2 thoughts on “Have You Hugged a Pug?

  1. lea says:

    My baby loooves her “sister” Bella the pug as well .. they play and talk every day – it’s so cute:) I haven’t been following you for a while but now I’m back;) My daughter Vilma was born on march 5 – her due day…so she’s a little bit younger than mabel but over 9 pounds at birth so maybe a bit bigger.

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