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  • Mabel Crayola Coloring
    Motherhood photography

    Coloring Is A Serious Thing

    There’s one thing that Mabel doesn’t joke around with….coloring. She’s all business and no smiles. But she did manage to fit some time into her serious artist’s schedule to bite a…

  • photography shop

    A New Item For The Shop

    I’ve been a slacker when it comes to posts this week.  I’ve been busy with odds and ends but I’ve also been experimenting on my sewing machine.  I’ve been long overdue…

  • Motherhood photography

    Say Cheese!

    A super quick post… I took these last Friday…and they made my day! I had gone outside to take some photos for a review I’m going to be posting this upcoming…

  • Motherhood photography

    Our Afternoon Stroll

    It’s been a while since we’ve gone on a walk around the neighborhood.  It’s either too hot or too cold…and today the weather was perfect.  I brought my camera along since…

  • Motherhood photography

    Queen of Her High Chair

    Mabel is the queen of her high chair. She rules with an iron fist…well a clumsy fist that drops food all over the floor…something that hasn’t gone unnoticed by Bruce. I…

  • photography

    I’m Doing It – Photo a Day: JULY

    I’m finally doing it.  A photo a day for a month! I’ve been seeing a lot of blogs doing this recently and was just introduced this morning to this particular challenge…