Colorful Plastic Balls

April 23, 2014

I’m unfashionably late for a post on Easter…
But here it goes.

Mabel’s sweet little Easter basket.  I figured it was perfectly put together and we didn’t go overboard (I’ll admit I’m a tad surprised at the overload of toys I’ve seen in other photos but to each their own on how they celebrate Easter).

Everything was caught on tape by my husband, I just wish I would have captured the look on Mabel’s face when she saw the basket for the first time.

Husband:  Mabel, I think you’re going to like the chocolate!
Mabel:  Caca?
Me:  sigh…I guess the word chocolate sounds like caca to a 2 year old?
Husband:  Mabel, it’s called CHAK-LET.
Mabel:  CACA!

Haha, I guess two can play the ‘let’s say it louder’ game.

Anyway…then it was time to head outside.  And as soon as Mabel stepped outside and saw all the multi-colored eggs, she yelled ‘BALLLLS’.
Apparently that’s what you think they called are when you’ve never seen neon colored eggs before!


After her father gave her a quick lesson on egg finding, she was off!  Hardly still enough for me to even get decent photos!



And then almost as soon as it started, it was over.
The eggs must have been pretty heavy since she ended up dragging it on the ground all the way back to the deck.


The basket had been my husband’s when he was little so I think it’s great that it’s getting used again by Mabel.


We don’t give her chocolate very often but it’s safe to say she was on a sugar high that day.  Here’s her enjoying a KitKat for the very first time ever:


Then she kept asking for more eggs, like a little toddler chant, “Eggs!  Eggs!  Eggs!”…and when she was told to slow down this was her reaction:


Mabel:  Oh nooooo!
And then put her little hands over her face.
Little Miss is quite the drama queen!

And then it was time to relax and play at her picnic table…


All is well when bubbles are around!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

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