The Impending Cleanse


I’ve been feeling icky lately…like eating too much processed and fast food icky.
Being stressed about selling the house and moving hasn’t helped so I’ve just gone with what was easy and I’m regretting it.

But mind over matter! 
I’m working my way back to being healthier and following my water trick…and I’m already feeling a little better.  It’s seriously amazing how adding more water to your system will change the way you feel (not to mention a couple extra trips to the bathroom a day…or maybe my bladder is just small?).

That’s still not enough though.  I know I need to get back to working out; it seems to have taken a backseat to all the work that’s been needed for the house.  I’ve been hustling, like I wish my house had always been this clean!

And as of this weekend I’m going to give a three day juice cleanse a try.


I’ll flat out admit I’m lazy and I’ve ordered it from a company (I’ll post a play by play next week).

Yeah, yeah…I hear a bunch of you asking, don’t you own a juicer…why are you paying for juice?!  I do own a juicer, which I still love but it’s already packed away for the upcoming move.  So that’s that!

My whole goal from the cleanse is to have a fresh start and rid my body of all the bad stuff I’ve had lately.  It sounds kinda silly as I type it all out but I figured I’ve had success juicing in the past, so why not try it again?  And no, I’m not using it as a way to lose weight!  I just want it to help get me back on track to a healthier lifestyle.  🙂

Wish me luck!

Have you every tried a juice cleanse?  What was your experience?


2 thoughts on “The Impending Cleanse

  1. Ashley Mullen says:

    Can’t wait to hear how you feel during and after this. I have been thinking about doing a cleanse but there are just so many different things out there. I’ve completely changed how I eat over the last month or two and feel pretty darn good, but wonder how much better I would feel if after a cleanse.

  2. Big D says:

    Jim Rhone is awesome! If you listen to your inner voice, you’ll be fine. However, you have to listen……..really listen. You’ll hear it 🙂

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