The Deployment – 1 Month Down (Part 3)

These posts were written during my husband’s deployment but since I didn’t want to advertise that he was gone, I decided to save them to post after her had returned (he’s home now).  I understand that different branches of the military do deployments differently so I wanted to show what our experience was like.

Thirty days down!


deployment skype conversation
Skype has been a major blessing…this was a pic from when Mabel first got to talk to her daddy.

It finally feels like we’re knocking off some substantial time…and then it hits me that there are still triple digit days left.

I’ve managed to avoid washing Hubby’s pillowcase because it still smells like him (don’t worry, I’ve washed the sheets!) and I’ve left everything how it was at his bathroom room sink.  I’m a super sentimental person (maybe too much?) and I like knowing that there are things in the house that he was the last to touch.  If I didn’t know any better, it looks like he never left, lol!

And he sent these ‘just because’:

surprise flowers

I love him so much…but I felt bad for the poor flower delivery guy who got to see me in my pajamas and no makeup.  😉

Let’s hope the next few months go by quickly.  I’m ready to have my other half back.

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