The Sea and the Mermaid – Nursery Design Board

This is my fourth nursery design board so far and they are pretty fun to create…challenging, but fun.  I can’t tell you how many times I added something to this board and deleted it since something just didn’t quite fit.  But overall I’m happy with how it turned out…though it probably could still use a few items with a punch of color.  🙂

I was aiming for a feminine nautical theme since you don’t see too many of them, plus I didn’t want it to be overwhelmingly girly.  For most of my design boards, I try to make them so that they can grow with the child.  That way you can stretch your dollar further…you’re not paying to redesign the room every few years, but just adding a new item here and there.

The Sea and The Mermaid Nursery Design Board - a little girl's nautical themed nursery

1//  Capiz Orb Pendants
2//  Glass Jug Pendant Lamp
3//  Mermaid Art Print – Sara B. Illustration
4//  Orion Vintage Brass Mirror
5//  Large Pacific Elk Coral Specimen
6//  Orange Starfish Night-Light
7//  Oslo Crib
8//  Oslo 3-Drawer Dresser
9//  Thomas Paul Coral Pattern Cream and Orange Rug
10//  Brass Anchor Bookends
11//  Petite Brass Whale
12//  Carved Wood Starfish
13//  Looped Tassel Pillow
14//  Embassy Glider

I really love the greens, oranges, and golds on this board!

And I know I’ve said this before but I go at these boards with no spending limit…but that’s not the real world, is it?  These boards are for inspiration and you can find similar items at all price points or to save some money, you can always DIY some items!  Who doesn’t love Pinterest?!  🙂

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