Do You Plan on Having a Bumper in Your Baby’s Crib?

This is a crib bumper if you are unfamiliar:
Taken from
They are basically padding that are put inside the crib against the rails.
If you are planning on using one, think again.  And read this article:  CNN – Get bumpers out of cribs, doctor group urges.  I’m pretty adamant about not having one in our Baby Girl’s crib…and I’ve said so in some of my video vlogs.  There seems to be no value in them other than they make the crib look ‘pretty’.  But the risk of SIDS to me for sure outweighs the crib looking ‘cute’.  I know some parents are worried about babies hitting their heads on the bars (and I’ll admit even my mom was one of those parents) but doctors have proven that babies are not physically able to hit their heads on the bars hard enough to cause injury.
I’ve had some mommas contact me about using crib bumpers when their babies are older and mobile, because of them getting arms and legs stuck between the bars.  Since I don’t have a kid yet, this may be something I will re-evaluate when my child is older if getting stuck becomes a problem but I will still never use a padded bumper.  They make breathable ones (the article discusses them but doesn’t recommend them since they say they still serve no purpose) that are supposedly more safe since babies can’t suffocate on them.
What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Do You Plan on Having a Bumper in Your Baby’s Crib?

  1. Chateece Guilbeault says:

    I can see pro's a con's either way. I used one with my daughter and plan on it with the second child. I had no problem with mine. She was so little and couldn't roll, so she got no where near it.
    When my daughter got to rolling it was a life saver. Then she figured out she could use it to climb up, and that's when it came out. She hasn't used one for a year now and she 19 1/2 months. I have breathable one, which I will use this time around in May. Not a big fluffy/thick one. Plus I don't want to waste my money on all the unnecessary bedding.

  2. LDG says:

    We used one with our first, and that was almost 5 years ago. But I actually remember her getting one of her arms stuck in the bars while sleeping around the age of 1… and that was even with the bumpers. I would always tuck the bumpers into the mattress sides a bit so it wouldn't happen like that again. I guess I won't be using them this time around while baby is still in infant, but as he or she gets older, I might get them out again because of the previous arm incident

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