Pregnancy Week 21 and Belly Pic!

Well, I’m 21 weeks and 1 day pregnant!  And thank goodness I feel almost back to my normal self (besides being pregnant, lol).  No real kidney pain today so I’m hoping that it’s taken care of itself (and keep your fingers crossed for me that it doesn’t return!).
Anyway…baby is the size of a banana!
Oh yeah!  She’s for sure taking up room in there…I feel huge and I feel that my belly looks way bigger than a lot of women’s bellies at this point.  But I guess each belly is different!  I’m sooo short-waisted she has no where else to go but outward.  Baby Girl has been moving a ton too…each week her kicks increase and today my Hubby got to feel a pretty good double kick to his palm.  🙂
Here is the belly shot before going out to run errands today:

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