Do You Remember Jellys?!

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Jelly Bean Sandals

If you grew up in the 90’s like me than I’m willing to bet you remember jelly sandals.

Oh yeah…brought a smile to your face didn’t it?  I get nostalgic just thinking about it.

I had a clear pair that I remember saving up my money for and I wore them everywhere…that was years ago.

But look what I got in the mail the other day from Jelly Beans:

Jelly Bean Sandals

I was so happy to take them out of the bag and I was surprised with the inclusion of an actual package of jelly bean candies.  😉

Jellys are officially back!  And of course I had to get my hands on the clear pair but this time I opted for sparkles too!

Jelly Bean Sandals
Top: Stitch Fix // Pants: Kensie Ankle Biters // Sandals: Jelly Beans

They go with everything and I can’t tell you how comfortable they are.  For this photo, I paired my Jellys with a simple pair of straight leg jeans and a flowy tank…perfect for summer!  I also want to point out that the plastic they are made from is very flexible and soft, which is a nice change from the ones I remember that I had as a kid.

Jelly Beans Sandals

Now if clear are sparkles aren’t your thing, they do come in a variety of other colors, including neons!  And to top that, I’m going to buy a pair for Mabel too since they make them in kids’ sizes.  But I’ll probably get her the clear pink pair!

Jelly Bean Sandals

Want to order a pair for yourself?  Well, Jelly Beans is offering FREE SHIPPING in the US.  😉

You can connect with Jelly Beans on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for all the latest news and photos!

Did you have a pair of jelly sandals in the 90s?  What color did you have?

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