Don’t Be A Summer Flasher!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Jockey Skimmies®. All opinions are 100% mine.

Let me tell you about the dreaded summer Flash Cycle…and it’s all thanks to little kids (your own little kids to be exact).

You know the scene: it’s summer, it’s hot, and skirts/dresses are the easiest solution to looking cute. BUT if you’re like me, you sometimes think twice about it. Why? Oh I’ll tell you why…

Toddlers and babies.

Wait, what?

Yep, toddlers and babies.

When you have tiny humans, you know that requires getting up and down off the ground, bending down to pick them up and put them down, and of course putting you in other precarious situations that only moms deal with. And when you’re wearing a skirt or dress, there’s a huge possibility you’re going to have a wardrobe malfunction and someone is going to see a tad more than you had planned. That’s totally happened to me before.

But I’ve found a solution that’s cute, comes in a variety of colors, and most importantly is comfortable: Jockey Skimmies® Slipshort.


Left // Black Anti-Static Slipshort – Right // Nude Microfiber Slipshort


Can you see them? Nope…that’s the point! 😉

With a variety of situations and outfits, there are different types of Skimmies that will have you covered (in multiple ways, lol!).

  • Original Microfiber Skimmies® (I’m wearing these in the long chevron dress): These are slip-like and allow for smooth and comfortable coverage. Seriously…no more bending over to pick up your little one and having your skirt show too much! 😉
  • Anti-static Skimmies® (I’m wearing these with the short navy dress): They resist static cling so they were perfect for that type of fabric dress. And they have targeted stretch zones that flatter your natural curves.
  • Wicking Skimmies®: Straight up perfect for summer and help wick moisture away. And if you live in the south (um, yep!) the are perfect to help deal with thigh sweat (there, I said it…and I know everyone reading this has dealt with this at one time or another!). They are also perfect for working out!

And of course all are pretty much invisible under dresses (no lines!) and help protect you in any situation that might leave you overexposed (like a gust of wind when you’re chasing a wild toddler).

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Be A Summer Flasher!

  1. Big D says:

    Awesome! I never thought of wearing something like this to avoid an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. I don’t have kiddies, but I do worry about windy days……….lol. Makes perfect sense to me.

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