Millie at Four Months


Millie’s four month update:
Two and a half weeks late…oops.

She’s 15.8 pounds and 24 inches long.
Loves to laugh and giggle (Mabel always makes her smile).
Still babbles up a storm.
Can roll over onto her side easily and has rolled from back to belly a few times.
Is a drooling machine and loves to chomp on her own fingers.
Her fingernails are like claws and she’s guilty of scratching her face and leaving marks.
Eczema is still an issue.
Breastfeeding is agreeing quite well with her.
Wakes 2-3 times a night (but will sleep for a 5-6 hour stretch early on).
She is a super clinger…will cry whenever she’s put down.
Her favorite toys are her teething blanket and mirror.

I’m surprised at how sentimental I am…probably because I know Millie is my last baby.  I keep trying to savor every single day and it’s pretty bittersweet.  Soaking in the naps I take with her on the weekends, the big smiles when I’m the first thing she sees in the morning, and how she grabs onto my fingers as she’s falling asleep.

My other major challenge is that I’ve been finding it insanely hard to balance time between two kiddos.  Mabel wants a ton of attention and I mean A TON.  It’s to the point where she tells my husband that Millie needs to go to sleep whenever he is holding her (she’s a Daddy’s girl and is pretty jealous).  It’s kind of funny, but at the same time I feel so incredibly guilty.  I wish I could split myself into two so that I could give both of them the amount of time each needs.  I’m probably internalizing it way too much but it’s hard not to feel bad about it.

Onward we go…closer and closer to month five.

One thought on “Millie at Four Months

  1. Amy says:

    She is such a honey bunny! And her hair is soooo fabulous ❤️ I totally empathize with the mommy guilt, hang in there, it *will* get better. You’re doing awesome momma! Xo

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