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Several weeks ago when we were planning our trip to Florida we realized that the idea of trying to bring Mabel’s highchair along in the car just wasn’t feasible.  It was just way too big and I wasn’t about to try to break it down and then put it back together again once we arrived at my mom’s house.

This is when I remembered a travel highchair that one of my friends had and was using for their child a few months back: the Chicco Caddy.

Mabel’s Chicco Caddy hooked up to my mom’s table.

This little chair has two clamps that hook under and over the table ledge.  There is a safety strap inside and the fabric (a durable canvas) can be easily removed and machine washed!  Very easy!  The chair itself doesn’t take up a lot of space and can easily be packed in your car when you travel.  After seeing how easy this chair was to put together and hook up, I think we’ll even be taking it with us to restaurants when we go out to eat with Mabel from now on.  This way, she’s not in one of those restaurant highchairs that I never know how well it’s been cleaned or sticky/dirty from previous uses.

You all know my love of Amazon, so that’s where we bought ours.  Here’s the link – Chicco Caddy – and it cost us $34.99.  I know there are some cheaper options (different name brands) out there but I really like this one and the quality.

And just for kicks, here’s one more pick of Mabel enjoying spaghetti noodles for the first time.  They were everywhere…

Noodles were everywhere.


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3 thoughts on “Eating on the Go – Chicco Caddy

  1. Jill Sherbet says:

    Hi Morgan, I really love your blog btw. I am looking for a highchair/booster seat for my little girl. This looks like a great seat and an awesome way to save room. Do you think it would be a good idea to use in the home, for all meals?

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