Mabel’s First Halloween

For Mabel’s first Halloween, she decided (more like I decided for her) to be a peacock!

Such a happy little peacock!

Now, you’re probably going to think we’re lame parents since we didn’t actually take her trick or treating.  Miss Mabel has a habit of going to be around 6:30-7pm and if you keep her from her beauty sleep, she gets really (and I mean really) cranky!  I would have loved to have taken her out but honestly we all know the first Halloween is more for mom and dad, lol!  So we made the best of everything and we got her dressed up earlier in the day so that I could take photos and at least let her wear her costume around for a bit.

Now you all get to see how I get her to smile in her photos!

I took this pic so that you can see my Hubby working hard to make her smile for her photo shoot, lol!  Since she’s crawling it almost takes two people in order to take photos.  One person to actually take the photos and one to grab her as she starts to crawl away and put her back where she’s supposed to be sitting!  And not to mention she had some costume malfunctions…her peacock feet kept falling off.  Her costume was size 6-12 months but she was swimming in it!  Such a little gal.

Anyway, our little uneventful Halloween was still very memorable and my little peacock was super cute!


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6 thoughts on “Mabel’s First Halloween

  1. Laura says:

    AwI love this! Adorable little peacock. I’m realizing that I missed a bunch of your blog posts since I gave birth on Nov 2. So I am catching up on reading!

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