Look Out Florida…Here We Come!


The time has come for Mabel to take her first road trip and I sure hope she can handle a 15 hour road trip to Florida.  The sad thing is, I just realized she’s 8 months old and hasn’t even left Delaware yet.  Haha!  So in this trip she’ll be able to cross Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida off on her list of never traveled to states.

I’m intimidated by road trips…especially after our last road trip to Texas.  If you remember, I was 8 months pregnant and got an insane bladder infection (in which I thought I was going into labor!) and spent a night in the hospital in the middle of no where Louisiana.  So I guarantee you that there will be a lot of stops and bathroom breaks this time.  And since Mabel is along for the ride this time, she’ll make sure of that!  I’m packing this afternoon and don’t worry…I’m bringing tons of baby snacks and we even bought her some shows to watch on the iPad (Hubby bought this really neat mounted display for the iPad that is safe to hook up in the car).

What are our plans?  Well, we’re off to visit my mom and my grandfather (Mabel’s grandmother and great grandfather).  My mom hasn’t seen Mabel since she was around 5 weeks old so she’s over-due for her Mabel fix.  She’s also going to watch Mabel and has already told Hubby and me that we can enjoy a night (or two!) for a dinner and a movie!  Oh, the things I get excited for now that I’m a parent!  And she’s going to watch Mabel for a few days while we’re there so that Hubby and I can go on another mini-vacation!


We’ll be going to Universal Studios since Hubby and I have never been.  We’ve done the whole Disney thing when we were younger but we’ve decided to save Disney for when Mabel is a tad older and can come with us.  We figured Universal Studios is a bit more geared towards older children/adults and since it’ll be a while until she can go there, we thought it was best to go there now.  I’m pretty excited!  AND I can’t wait to do all the Harry Potter stuff…yep, slightly nerdy of me and the Hubby is already protesting…but I’m MAKING him go to it with me.

I’m planning on blogging while we’re on vacation…the computer is going with me!  But know that I might be delayed in getting back to post comments/emails/and FB messages.  I’m going to try to detach myself a little bit!  🙂  So stay tuned for updates, photos, and reviews on our resort/trip!


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4 thoughts on “Look Out Florida…Here We Come!

  1. Bella Rose says:

    We took Baby S on a Midwest road trip when he was 4 months old this summer. He did really well even when we got stuck in traffic and had to turn off the air to conserve gas. Good luck!!!

  2. jennifer says:

    Just to warn you ahead of time, we went to both Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios this summer and Islands of Adventure is hands down way better. Universal was fun but once we walked around it one time and road or saw what we wanted, we were done. I think we were there for maybe 3 hours. However we spent the entire day at Isands. Probably a good 2 hours or more at Harry Potter alone. Its AMAZING. You must get a butterbeer. Its not really beer but its soo good.

    • Morgan says:

      Thanks so much for the advice! I remembered it when we were choosing what parks to go to on which days. 🙂 There was a ton to do at Islands of Adventure so we did that the first day and then Universal on the 2nd day when were were tired. We ended up just taking our time and enjoyed every moment of it. AND I made sure to try the butterbeer. 😉

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