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Last May I posted about finding ways to make a little bit of spending money while staying home with Mabel.  I’m not talking about a lot of money, but just enough to be able to afford some fun things for myself without having to ask Hubby to buy it for me.  I think this is due to me wanting to retain some of my independence and when I was working as a teacher, I was used to being able to buy myself whatever I wanted to without having to think twice about it.  So, last spring I was looking into several ways that would allow me to challenge myself along with earning some extra spending money at the same time.  I Googled everything, and read a ton of reviews and sites (many which turned out to be bogus or scams…so don’t fall for everything you read online!)  Anyway, let me share an update from my original post last May.

What’s been successful for me? – Etsy!

My reviews from customers. 😉

My shop, Sweet Mabel opened last April and I have sold a total of 38 blankets and quilts.  Making quilts and interacting with customers has been very fulfilling for me!  I get to be creative, have fun, and feel lots of pride in the end result of what I produce!  I’ve even received a few photos from customers with them (or their little one) with one of my quilts or blankets.  I absolutely love this!  I’ve even created a Facebook page for Sweet Mabel so that I could have more interactions with my customers.  Now, I’ll admit that the shop and creating the quilts takes up a lot of time…and I mean a lot of time.  I stay up late and almost every time Mabel goes down for a nap, I’m sewing.  Because of this, I have to put the shop on ‘vacation’ mode quite frequently so I don’t get too many orders.  But don’t get me wrong, I love getting lots of orders.  😉

Overall, this has been the best way to earn money from home.  It’s legit and I don’t have to ‘sell’ anything…customers find me on Etsy and everything has just fallen into place.

If you’re the creative type, I’d totally suggest trying your hand at a shop on Etsy.  There’s nothing to lose to try it out…so I say go for it!

What’s been just for fun? – Scentsy!

Now I know in my last post on working from home I included Scentsy as one of those things that everyone sells.  And yep, I still stand by that.  BUT I decided to become a consultant anyway.   Why?  Well, not to make money.  Yep, not to make money!  I signed up because I had a friend that sold it and she basically told me to sign up as a fun way to get my own Scentsy paid for and to meet some other great ladies.  Basically Scentsy is what you make it.  You could make money every month on it, but I don’t really try to.  I’ve let my friends and family know about it and they buy it from me.  And I hope you all haven’t been bothered by me letting you know that I sell it too.  🙂  And being a consultant is just fun…so it’s kind of a win/win situation.

If you’re curious about Scentsy, want to know what it is, are curious about selling it, or need to buy some…you could visit my Scentsy site or my Facebook page.  Don’t worry, I’m not pushy and love to answer any questions that you might have!

Continuing ‘What’s been fun’ –  Blogging

As Modern Mommyhood continues to grow, I get more and more questions about making money blogging.  And I’m going to flat out tell you, don’t get into blogging if you think you’re going to make a bunch of money.  I didn’t start blogging to try to make money…I do it because I just love to write.  Plus, I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you ladies who read my blog!  😉  I make a little bit of money off of my YouTube channel but only pennies on the blog each month.  Sure, if you’re a big name blogger, I bet you can make a decent chunk of money on it.  But me personally, I don’t.

And because of all these questions I get on blogging, I will be starting a series of posts on blogging…so stay tuned!  I plan on going more in depth on starting a blog, growing your blog, monetizing, how to get into doing reviews and more.  If you have any suggestions on other topics you’d like me to write about, please leave me a comment below.


It’s hard to make decent money from home and don’t expect to get rich, lol!  I work my bottom off watching Mabel and making quilts…but it is pretty fulfilling and I’m happy.  That’s what ultimately matters!


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2 thoughts on “Work At Home Mom Update

  1. Jenna says:

    I absolutely love your quilts, so sweet! I started an Etsy shop a few months ago and it really is amazing and a great way to make some extra cash! Maintaining a household and caring for a family isn’t alway easy but I totally agree that it’s worth it!

  2. Morgan says:

    Aw, thanks so much for the compliment! And sorry for taking to sooo long to respond. I just now got a chance to sit down and respond to my comments! And as for Etsy, it’s great isn’t it?!? I just wish the fees were a tad less and that you didn’t get hit with fees from paypal too!

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