Even More Butter!

Not the butter you eat…but the butter you slather all over your body to stay moisturized.  🙂  Some of you may remember a vlog I did a few weeks ago talking about what I’ve done so far to prevent stretch marks and the product I love has been Bella B’s Tummy Honey Butter (I buy it off of Amazon).  Best stuff ever…only problem is that it is pretty greasy, therefore I only put it on at night since I don’t care if it gets all over my pjs.  Bella B’s is going to remain in my skin care moisture regime until after the baby is born!  So far, so good.  No stretch marks…but I know I’m still early in this pregnancy at 24 weeks.
In the mornings I normally slather on Palmer’s but I’m about to run out so I’m going to try another product.  I just ordered Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter.  I’ve read that it isn’t too greasy and that it soaks in fast so I’ve got my fingers crossed that I can replace Palmer’s with this in the morning.  I wanted something a little thicker…Palmer’s feel just like regular lotion and now that my tummy is growing, it’s super important to use a product that will really moisturize.
All of this new goodness will arrive on Wednesday…so I’ll be sure to update about my experience with it asap!

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