The Sleep Bra – A Pregnant Lady’s Best Friend

Lately, my lovely lady bumps have been out of control!  Who knew they had a mind of their own and could practically grow overnight (yes, I’m sure you ladies who have already been pregnant before knew this but this first time momma had no idea!).  After reading about a ‘maternity sleep bra’ I figured it would be worth a try.  While out at Target last night, I was happy to find that they sold them!  Mine cost around $18 bucks and has been my most favorite recent purchase.  
Target doesn’t have a picture of the one I got online, so here is a similar one from A Pea in the Pod:
Yeah, yeah…I know it’s pretty darn ugly right?  But oh soooo comfortable (and I’m quickly learning that should be the key factor for any piece of clothing during pregnancy).  It keeps everything in check overnight and is more comfortable than a sports bra.
I figure once I’m done being pregnant and breastfeeding I can go back to my cutesy Victoria’s Secret bras…

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3 thoughts on “The Sleep Bra – A Pregnant Lady’s Best Friend

  1. weechick says:

    Ive got two of these. Be warned my white one went a yucky colour but i bought another one. They are really comfy! Last time i bought two maternity bras and paid about £50 for the 2. I was mortified at the price but they washed up brilliant and i also got sent back extenders with them. As your rib cage expands then you pop on the extenders and you dont need to buy a bigger backsize! Im sure the make was mary jane. Once i dig them out the loft i can confirm if thats right x

  2. Modern Momma says:

    Wow! Thanks for all the info! I have to see if I can get that brand in the US. I bought some extenders but still had to buy a slightly bigger bra since the cups weren't fitting correctly either. Hopefully my most recent purchase will last until I need a nursing bra…and I foresee that being a difficult process to find one I like too! 🙂

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