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Disclosure:  This post was sponsored by Burst Media, although I was compensated for my time & commitment, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

The other day I shared my discovery of Archetypes and my unique quiz results (read my first post here).  Since then, I’ve had more time to delve into the site and truly experience the personalization of features.  There is so much more to Archetypes than I had first realized!

Within each archetype I found there are subcategories to help me find more specific things…this is my ‘Caregiver’ archetype page with the subcategories I have to pick from:

Archetypes Subcategories

I love that everything is already organized and I was pretty excited about the Food+Recipe section!  There are tons of ‘Manic Monday’ recipes and family friendly ideas to help a busy momma like me out:

Archetypes Caregiver Recipes

I’m drooling just looking at all of these!  Mabel would devour those homemade pretzels and that sweet potato and raisin salad.  😉  I like the convenience of having all of these in one place for me and the fact that don’t have to spend a ton of time trying to find them!

Another way Archetypes has helped me to find what I love is that it allows me to shop for items that are specifically tailored to my archetypes.  It saves me the headache of having to look through tons of other websites with items that are so not me!  Look at my Intellectual archetype Home+Living suggestions….gorgeous!

Archetypes Intellectual Home Decor

The earthy colors fit well into my current home design and pretty much all of the stuff would look amazing in my house.  Exactly my style!

And my last love that I’ll share with you is how Archetypes has a whole category for Beauty (I don’t think I’ll ever get over beauty products)!  These are the articles and tutorials contained in my Creative archetype Beauty section.

Archetypes Beauty

See the Ombre Hair article…loved it! I’ve always wanted to try it so who knows, maybe when my hair grows out a little bit I’ll finally give it a go.

I’ve also had some time to add to my ME Board and it’s been really fun adding articles!  I’ve added mostly articles straight from Archetypes but I’ve added one or two from things that I’ve found on the web.  You can do that by adding the ME button to your browser…super easy!  Here are my latest ME’s:

Archetype ME Board

From fragrance, to food, to glasses, to books and to yoga…this board is straight up ‘Morgan’ all the way.  You’ll see that most of my ME’s are from my three dominant archetypes (Creative, Intellectual, and Creative) but there are a few random archetypes that I’ve thrown in too, like the Top Tips From a Flea Market Expert which is from the Tastemaker archetype and the Yogamama article from the Spiritual archetype.

It truly is a lot of fun to see what Archetypes adds for me everyday and if you haven’t yet, go take the the quiz and starting finding what you love!  Add me as a friend while you’re at it too!  😉

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