Follow Up – Your Must Haves on a Baby Registry

It only took me two weeks to get back to everyone on my Question of the Week video.  If you remember I had asked all of you to answer this question:  What is the hands down one thing you have to have on your baby registry?  Well these are the answers I got in no particular order (and thank you soooo much if you answered this question for me!):
*A Wipe Warmer
*Boppy Nursing Pillow or BreastFriend Nursing Pillow
*Sheet Saver
*A Bouncy Seat (most of you recommended Fisher Price)
*Diapers, diapers, and more diapers!
*Graco Car Seat
*Nipple Cream
*Milk Storage Bags
*Lanolin Wipes
*First Years Nail Clippers
*Burp Cloths
*Bottle Cleaners
*Sleep Sacks
*Wearable Baby Carrier (multiple brands were suggested such as Bjorn, Ergo and Moby)
*Swaddle Wrap
*Diaper Cream
*Teething Gel
*Breast Pads (apparently they are a life saver)  🙂
*Receiving blankets
*Swing (multiple brands were suggested)
*Pack n Play
*Breast Pump (Medela was mentioned as a favorite)
*Bassinet or Co-Sleeper w/open side
Wow!  So many responses.  I’m sorry if I over looked anyone but I can’t thank you all enough!
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