Papasan – Rockasan Transformation Part 2 – In the Nursery

Here it is!  Now the lighting is horrible…it’s been cloudy for the past three days…and when there is normal light, the Rockasan cushion doesn’t exactly match the walls even though it looks that way in the picture.  I’m in love with the accent pillows too!
Super comfy!
More accent pillows!  And yep, those are price-tags still on them, lol!
I know some of you are still wondering about the ease of getting up and out of the chair.  Well, we put it to the test last night and let my 30 pound pug get up in the chair with me.  Now, he’s way bigger than your average baby (haha) and I was successfully able to get up and out of the chair with him in my arms and being over 6 months pregnant.  Yay!  So I guess I’m good as long as I don’t give birth to a 30 pound baby.  🙂
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2 thoughts on “Papasan – Rockasan Transformation Part 2 – In the Nursery

  1. Shirley says:

    It turned out great and I love the accent pillows too! It's so funny how your pug is your baby's stunt double. You should share pics of all his stunt double work. I'd love to see that. LOL!

  2. WAYNE says:

    i really like your papasan chair. i want to get one.
    you look good siting in your papsan chair. i love your video that you did siting in your papasan chair
    how much was the papasan chair that you got it for cheep?

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