3 thoughts on “Question of the Week – Who Do You Plan on Being in the Delivery Room?

  1. Jenna. says:

    Aside from to nurses and doctor… I only plan on having my husband in the delivery room. It happened so fast last time and I'm hoping the same thing this time around. No one in my family would be offended thankfully.

  2. Alex & Malisa says:

    My husband of course. Then, probably my mom and my 2 mother in laws. I know my mom will for sure but I haven't mentioned it to my mother in laws yet. I probably won't mention it till that time comes closer just in case I change my mind at the last minute and don't want them there. lol.

  3. noseinthegrass says:

    If I ever have a baby (soon hopefully) I plan on my husband and maybe our mothers. Depending on my life at that point, maybe a friend and my boyfriend and his wife.

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