Have You Heard of BabySteals.com?

I stumbled upon a new discount site the other day called BabySteals.  It’s kind of like Zulily or Totsy on a much smaller scale.  They have two deals a day and they are updated at 9am and 9pm mountain time (I’ll let you figure out what time that is for you, lol).  Most of their deals are related to clothing items…but I’ve seen some neat things over the past few weeks.  They are actually doing an ‘archive sale’ this weekend where they have put up all the things that did not sell out of the last few weeks.  On Monday the site will go back to it’s normal 9am/9pm cycle.  If you check it out, notice that up in the top left of the page they have a ‘kid’ and ‘scrap’ deal page for older kids’ items and deals for the scrapbookers out there!  🙂  Have fun!
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2 thoughts on “Have You Heard of BabySteals.com?

  1. jana says:

    I LOVE BabySteals! Of course I'm biased though – I'm the owner 🙂 Super happy to stumble on your post – thanks for the kind words! We have lots of great mom advice and talk about the current steals on our Facebook page at http://facebook.com/babysteals Hope to see you there! ~jana

  2. Modern Momma says:

    @Jana…great to hear from you! Thanks for running such a neat site! I've 'liked' the BabySteals site on our Facebook page so that all my readers can find out about it! 🙂

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