The Holidays are Coming!

The other week when we were in Pier 1 picking out the Rockasan for the nursery…it hit me like a ton of bricks…Christmas music was blasting through their speakers.  So…the holidays are here!  Lol, I guess I needed a cue from the retailers.Thanksgiving is next Thursday (which always means my birthday is super close!) and we have plans to be with my extended family, some members which I haven’t seen in years!  I’m pretty excited!
Turkey always comes to mind, right?  Well, this year being that I’m pregnant I’m still playing it week by week on what foods I like.  And too bad for me, lately chicken and turkey have been a major turn off.  I guess I’ll be helping myself to all the sides and of course….pumpkin pie!!!
What are your plans for Thanksgiving?  Hanging out with lots of family or enjoying a quiet day with your significant other?
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