Friday Five

It’s Friday, so here’s another five coming at ya:

Fall is coming…just not quickly enough in South Carolina.

1. – I bought 4 fall candles from Bath and Body Works.  Fall is probably my favorite time of the year and you can never own too many fall scented candles (this one called Sweater Weather smells amaazing).  Also before anyone freaks out at the price, didn’t spend close to $100 on candles, lol!  There was a deal going on for 2 for $24.  😉

2. -Mabel has started crying everyday during pickup at school.  The first two days I couldn’t figure out why…and then yesterday she told me that it’s because she wants to stay at school and play.  Leave it to her to be upset about something good, lol!

3. – I’m still 6 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight.  If Millie didn’t cry every time she was put down, I might actually be able to work out.  It’ll happen eventually…

4. -I’m absolutely in love with this eyeshadow palette that’s coming out on Sunday.  I’ll be ordering it that day!

5. –   Millie officially has a mullet.  😉

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