Friday Five

Friday Five is something new I want to try out (and we all know how bad I am at keeping up with things).  I figured it would serve as a weekly post on 5 things that I didn’t mention during the week…random tidbits, photos, and things I didn’t get to share.  I haven’t been able to sit down and blog as much lately just about life (are you tired of hearing about everything pregnancy related yet?) as I’ve wanted to.  But it seems like lately I’ve been limited to the two – three hours I have awake after Mabel goes to bed…and normally other things take priority to sitting down at my computer.  I don’t know how people manage it all, there just aren’t enough hours in the day!

Anyway, enough rambling!  Let’s get the Friday Five started:

1. – Wild child Mabel watching Daddy pull away for work.


2. – I’m about to enter my last full week of being 28.  And no, you won’t hear me whining about almost being 30 (yet).  I’m super tired of reading about 20 year olds feeling old on their birthdays…seriously?!  Lol, the party is just getting started!

3. – The Granny/Nerd in me wants to sign up for a monthly fabric subscription service.  I think I’m just dying for a crafty outlet and to sew/create something brand new.  I found this lady who is a designer for Riley Blake Designs on instagram and I’m obsessed with her creations:

I adore how these scraps all play together beautifully❤️#scrappyquiltalong #nofilter #uglyfeet

A photo posted by Natalie Lymer (@cinderberries) on

4. – Mabel is truly convinced our pug dog, Bruce is the star of Milo and Otis.

5. – Our mailbox is falling apart…like both the handle and the door are on one hinge.  I’m beginning to worry our mail lady is judging us, lol!  Sooo when will the leasing company come to fix it?  Nobody knows…

Have something (or a few things) you feel like sharing from this past week?  Feel free to leave me a comment! 

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