Friday Morning

Friday morning…


I’m standing in our family room doing a triceps exercise with my 5 pound weights.
I know I look ridiculous but whatever, who’s watching other than Mabel?  This momma has to get these arms in shape before she tries to wear a tank top this summer…
Anyway, I looked over and Mabel had a little two pound weight in her hands trying to lift over her head like me.
Only problem, she removed her diaper so she was in her birthday suit…with a giant grin on her face.  Haha!

She’s a nudist lately.  Not sure what to do about that…she leaves her clothes on in public but at home, she thinks it’s time to be free.  I guess this is the only time in her life that this is acceptable so I say:   all the more power to you sister!  Just don’t pee on the floor.

Other random thoughts of the day:
I’m a dope since I ordered a handful of summer clothes for Mabel from Carter’s.  But while trying to be thrifty, I ordered all the tops in 3t so that they would fit all the way through summer, only to unpackage them and realize that Carter’s runs insanely big (compared to her clothes from Circo at Target that seem to run small).  I’m too lazy to send them back so I guess I’ll just wait until she fits them…or just try to wash them in super hot water.

17 days until the movers get here!

And I’m guilty have having everyone in my household drink lots of juice pouches over the past few days because I’m trying to make a DIY project.  If everyone survives and doesn’t overdose on Capri Sun, you’ll see a post on it next week.  🙂

Have any random thoughts you feel like sharing?!  😉



4 thoughts on “Friday Morning

  1. Ashley Ponder Richards says:

    I think that is too cute that Mabel was imitating you and in her birthday suit. So cute! Why are little baby booty’s so cute? When I was a toddler my mom said I striped too except that I would wear a red beret. I always had a thing for hats. Thankfully Jack hasn’t gotten in the “get naked” stage yet (he is 19 months old).

    • Morgan says:

      Lol, that’s too funny what your mom told you! 🙂 I’m hoping it’s a phase that she won’t be going through too long…and Jack might not even go through it! I’m hoping it’s all because she’s showing that she’s 100% ready for potty training!

  2. Katherine says:

    Take advantage of her wanting to be in her birthday suit with introducing potty training!! I also find circo clothes to run super small. I love the Carter’s clothes the best for toddlers and they hold up well too.

    • Morgan says:

      Katherine, that’s exactly what we were thinking! She wasn’t ready a few weeks ago, but after doing a bunch of Googling, I found out that a lot of little kids strip when they are ready to potty train. 🙂 It’s just crazy around here with getting ready to move and live temporarily with my dad (I’m afraid she’s going to regress) but potty training is 100% a go and hopefully the need for being naked will slowly decrease, haha!

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