Goodbye 2013


After taking an unintentional mini blogging hiatus I decided I needed to get one more post up in 2013.

And no…it’s not going to be one of those bs roundups just about every blogger is throwing up right now of their most popular posts.

I want write something real…and I want to dedicate the new year to bringing my voice back to the blog.

I’ve been in a raw mood for the past few days and the end of this year has brought me to a new realization that I haven’t been living my life to its fullest.  With the loss of my husband’s friend a few days ago, reality hit that life needs to be looked at with a continuously fresh vision which is hard since it’s so easy to become complacent in everyday life.  Taking things for granted is just such an easy habit to fall into…and I want to I will break out of that.

With that being said, I have grown a lot this year.  I became a mother of a one year old, a wife of a deployed airman, and a more self-aware woman.  We ventured into our second year of marriage, became a closer family, and stronger parents.

Simple and sweet.  And I feel good putting that on paper (well, I guess the blog).

Goodbye 2013…



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