Guess Who’s 9 Months Old Today

I really can’t believe it.

She’s 9 months old today.  I guess that means she’s been out in the world just as long as I was ‘baking’ her.


If someone would have told me how fast time would fly, I wouldn’t have believed them.  And when I look at her now I don’t see a little infant…I see a little girl.

Everyday it’s a new expression, and new look, a new interaction, a new reaction, and a new sense of humor.

What I would give to be inside of her head for just 5 minutes!  What is she thinking?  What’s making her laugh?

I really hope she’s enjoying every minute…because I am (with the exception of changing poopy diapers!).

So here’s to little Miss Mabel…happy 9 months little girl!

And this look is telling me someone is ready for a nap…sounds like a good way to celebrate to me!

So sleepy!

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