Happy First Birthday Miss Mabel

This was us last Valentine’s Day…with the best Valentine’s gift that money can’t buy…Mabel.

Jenna Walcott Photography
Jenna Walcott Photography

I was exhausted but in a state of pure happiness…completely out of it from the hard work my body had just gone through and yet I was in the moment 100% at the same time.

I marveled at her tininess…and thought she’d be that small forever…


A year later…


I can’t begin to tell you how fast this year has flown by. 

Mabel is already asleep for the evening and I’m watching the clock.


And I’m counting down the minutes until it is officially the time I gave birth to that sweet little girl.

I’m a little sad (in a good way) and happy at the same time.

My little baby is 364 days old…just about 365…one year…a whole year.


It’s getting closer to 9:27pm and you know what I’ll be doing…watching her on the baby monitor and probably shedding a tear when that time comes.  I know, I’m pretty sappy.

My baby is growing up…and I am so blessed to be a part of her life.

Happy Birthday my little Mabel.

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