Hello Sunshine – Gender Neutral Nursery

Since this was my first try at a nursery design board, I decided to keep it gender neutral…and after taking forever to decide on a theme I settled on Hello Sunshine!

Hello Sunshine Gender Neutral Nursery Board @ModernMommyhood

1//  Tripe Tiered Pendant Shade
2//  Here Comes The Sun Art Print
3//  You Are My Sunshine Art Print
4//  Radiant Mirror
5//  Autumn Leaves and Sunshine Photo
6//  Good Morning Beautiful Art Print
7//  Sparrow Crib
8//  Rising Sun Mobile
9//  Perch Table Lamp
10//  Fleur-De-Lys Glass Jar
11//  Handcrafted Reclaimed Teak Dresser
12//  Beach Comber Extra-Large Round Basket
13//  Aqua Ombre Velvet Pillow
14//  Here Comes The Sun Little Darling Pillow
15//  Zigzag Rug
16//  Hovas Chair

Now I’m going to flat out say some of the pieces included in this nursery board are insanely expensive!  But there are a handful of pieces that are really affordable too!  The board is meant to inspire you so if you see an item that you love and it’s out of your budget, just look for a similarly styled item.  🙂  There are tons of different options and having a fun and unique nursery is within everyone’s budget…you just might have to spend time searching.  Go to flea markets, search online (I love Etsy!), go shopping at little mom and pop shops in your hometown!   You’ll be surprised at what you find and no other little baby out there will have the same nursery as yours!

I had a lot of fun piecing together this nursery and I hope that it’s helpful to at least one person out there planning a nursery for their little one.

What do you think of my first board?

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9 thoughts on “Hello Sunshine – Gender Neutral Nursery

      • Mary says:

        oh! i just saw this and a pic you pinned of a family of 4 with a new baby so i thought it could be my job to out you on the internet!

        • Morgan says:

          Haha! 😉 I’m tricking everyone! I’ll let you all know when I am but for right now we’re still a family of 3. 🙂

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