Holiday Fun With Elmo

Mabel had fun with Play All Day Elmo and Playskool as a part of a sponsored post for Socialstars!  And as always, you wouldn’t see it on this blog if we didn’t genuinely love the products! #PLAYSKOOLCREW


WARNING…the holidays have arrived!  It totally snuck up on me!

And of course the holidays bring a fun but hectic atmosphere to our lives.  I’m busy baking/cooking, trying to stay on top of all of the events that we have on our calendar, and trying to find the perfect gift for everyone on my list.

Well…if you have a little one aged 18 months to 4 years, I’m going to suggest that you add Play All Day Elmo to your list.  😉  Elmo has been part of our household for the past 2 months (check out his first introduction here) and he’s become the fifth member of our family.


Mabel likes to hold Elmo hostage…I mean love on him with choke hold hugs.  🙂

And lately she’s been reading him holiday books…and by reading, I mean telling him what’s in the photos on each page, lol!  And though she’s 3, she likes Elmo to be set on toddler mode when she’s reading because he’s got simple reactions (as compared to the preschool mode which has a variety of games to play which is perfect for when she’s in a energetic/playful mood).  She can read to him and honk his nose, which immediately results in a funny noise or she can lean over and plant a smooch on him, which Elmo answers by moving his mouth and a loud smooch right back.

On a side note, Elmo also sleeps in her bed…he’s got a soft body so he’s perfect for cuddling.  And he also plays lullabies which helps her to unwind and prepare for sleep each night.


Seriously…this girl is ready for the holidays.

And now that she’s filled his little head with tons of holiday books…Elmo is too!  🙂


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