Tomorrow Is The Day…Part Two

On Sunday I posted my overblown fears.

Well, I’m happy to say I survived…with some slight ‘oh crap’ moments thrown in.

This is how my solo day started:

first day alone with kids

Coffee with lack of creamer…yep, I ran out mid-pour.  And I’m the type that likes my coffee drowned in creamer so this was kind of like an ohhhh noooooo moment for me.  With three hours of sleep the night before (Millie likes to party all night), I was really looking forward to this coffee…grrr.

Now onto about an hour later, Mabel was begging to hold her sister:

first day alone with kids

So she got her wish.  And as you all probably already know…Mabel isn’t a fan of clothes so that’s why she looks like a wild child.  I swear she’s cared for on a daily basis and not raised by wolves, lol.

Holding Millie was short lived though.  About ten seconds later it got old and she told me to come get her sister off her.  Small steps…I still don’t think she realizes she’s stuck with Millie for life.

A little later in the day I made a huge mom mistake…after being massively spit up on for the third time and needing a third shirt change, I laid Millie on her blanket on the couch and told Mabel to walk the ten feet with me to my room to grab a shirt.  After grabbing my shirt I realized Mabel had pulled a Houdini and wasn’t with me anymore.  And BAM, I knew immediately she had gone back out to Millie on the couch.  I flew out of my room to see Mabel trying to pick Millie up, I yelled in a panic and Mabel almost rolled Millie off the couch.

Millie was fine, Mabel was crying (which took some consoling since she didn’t know any better and it was completely my fault for leaving Millie on the couch and within reach), and then I had a flashback:  I had actually dropped my half-sister off the couch when she was a few weeks old and I was six back in the 90s.  I had been holding my sister, had enough, and got up without handing her back to my dad and step mother.  My sister just rolled off my lap and onto the floor.  I guess it was karma (Mackenzie, please forgive me for dropping you off the couch!!!).  Total guilt trip and I’ll never do something that stupid again.

Then it was nap time.
Mabel went to her room.
Millie passed out in her bouncer.

first day alone with kids

And I stayed awake…because I couldn’t fall asleep.  Ugh!
I also realized how messy my house was while taking this photo…but I had no motivation to clean.  Oh well.

Then I got a phone call from my husband:  “I just got orders to go TDY (basically a work trip) out of the country for a week”.

UM WHAT?  I mean it’s not the end of the world, but not at all what I had planned.

So yeah…that officially made the day worse.

Towards the end of the day, Mabel did make a new friend though…

first day alone with kids

With a rodent…who was scaling the window to eat out of our bird feeder.  He surprisingly didn’t scare easily so Mabel stalked him for a good 20 minutes and he seemed to enjoy the attention.  He won’t be happy though since I’m moving the bird feeder tomorrow so that he can’t steal the food anymore.  Move along Mr. Squirrel!

Shortly after…my husband arrived home.  I had survived! 

Honestly, it hadn’t been that bad.  You live and you learn.  And I’m sure there will be days where I’ll want to pull my hair out but overall, it wasn’t as bad as I had feared it might be.

On a side note, the husband’s TDY was cancelled the next day and I’m a happy wife.  🙂

2 thoughts on “Tomorrow Is The Day…Part Two

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  2. Lindsay says:

    I hear ya, my daughter is almost 4 weeks husband is fgone every other week all the time. My 2.5 year old hates getting dressed. She does not nap in her bed it is usually on my on the couch. So usual stuck with both kids napping on me. And at night my toddler started wanting to sleep in our bed because her sister is in the bassinet….. Going to get into a routine as the weeks alone are burtal… Also no family they live an airplane ride away 😉

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