Houston, We Have An Edible Container Garden – #DigIn

I’ve been working along with The Home Depot on this DIY project and have been lucky enough to have received most of the items used for our edible container garden, and as always my thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.  🙂

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Are you ready to see the making of our garden?  Here it is in all its glory…and there is a cute clip of Mabel in there too!

This was one of the easiest projects I’ve ever done and I felt silly that I was ever intimidated by it.  If you want to make an edible container garden, you’ll only need a few things: A container/planter/or raised garden bed kit (like the one we used) Garden or topsoil And seeds/plants OPTIONAL ITEMS range from weed block fabric and stakes/tomato cages depending on the types of plants you choose to grow. As a side note = If you decide to make a smaller container garden, it’s possible to move your plants/containers.  Once we decided where ours was going…it was too big to move.   And if you didn’t see enough in the video, I’m gonna break it down with photos too!  🙂 I had Hubby do most of the manual labor…lol!  Seriously, it was really easy and I probably could have managed on my own but it was a nice ‘couples’ activity to do together. Raised Garden Bed I did some manual labor myself too…if putting a screw into the top post counts! Raised Garden Bed And then I raked the topsoil we bought as evenly as possible.  We opted to not use weed block fabric…I may regret this later. Raised Garden Bed After filling all three garden beds with topsoil…we laid out the plants to figure out the best placement. Raised Garden Bed Then we planted them… Raised Garden Bed And then I played Mother Nature as I gave our little plants and seeds an extra boost with some water. Raised Garden Bed And you might be wondering where Mabel was during most of this?  Well…she had been napping and then woke up and decided to join us.  Or maybe we didn’t really give her the option to decline our invitation.  😉 Mabel Yeah, my baby is in her jammies and a coat.  The cute little sunglasses are on the ground because she didn’t tolerate them for very long. Mabel She was genuinely intrigued with her toys… And lastly…since our garden has only been planted since Sunday, I don’t have any progression photos to show off my green thumb…but look! MY FIRST STRAWBERRY!  I’m pretty excited…it’s nowhere near ready but I can’t wait until there are enough to pick and share  with Mabel.  She loves strawberries so it will be nice to not have to buy them from the store and instead get them right from our own garden. Raised Garden Bed

Do you plan on planting a garden this year?  What would you like to grow?

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Home Depot.

4 thoughts on “Houston, We Have An Edible Container Garden – #DigIn

    • Morgan says:

      We planted strawberries, peppers, carrots, spinach, raspberries, watermelon, cucumbers…and I still feel like I’m forgetting something. What are you planning on planting?

  1. Tina @ Like Ordinary Life says:

    Yeeeup. I need you to give me a tutorial on this whole video thing because I’ve got to do one too and I haven’t put much thought into how, exactly, that is going to work…. There is no way mine will be as cool as yours!!!

    In other news… this looks GREAT!!!!!!!!! It does look super easy and I love the pic of your baby strawberry!!!! Awesome work!

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