I Don’t Have the Nesting Instinct

Yep…I officially don’t have the ‘nesting instinct’ that most pregnant women seem to have. Or maybe I do…I just don’t have the energy to follow through with it, lol!  It seems within the past week, anything that I’ve had good intentions to complete or get accomplished…I’ve fallen flat.  I’ll start something and then just realize I’m too tired to complete it.  I’ve read about other pregnant mamas vacuuming, scrubbing floors, and just all around cleaning, and I’m left wondering where they are getting the energy from???  Send some my way please!

Anyway, there are some things I do feel like I want done and this is my solution:  get Hubby to do it!  He’s kind enough that I think I’ll be able to talk him into it this weekend.  I don’t think I’m too demanding since these are my only priorities:

  • Our master bathroom needs to be cleaned
  • The guest room must have the sheets washed so my in-laws have a place to stay once Mabel gets here
  • Pictures and Mabel’s name need to be hung in her nursery
  • And these little stinkers need a bath:
    Stinky Pugs – Tater and Bruce
Too much to ask for…I think not!  🙂  I mean, I’ve only been carrying a baby around in me for the last 9 months.  😉
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2 thoughts on “I Don’t Have the Nesting Instinct

  1. Devan says:

    My nesting instinct hit last time in second trimester. I did weird things like cleaned out kitchen cabinets. I think your list is completely reasonable 🙂

  2. Kelly says:

    I'm not nesting either. Simple household chores kill me. I get a boost of energy at night but if I try to do anything such as sweeping, I'm down and out in 5 minutes. It's awful. Aw well, soak it up while you can. Rest Rest Rest.

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