It’s All About the Glam….And Silver Leafing

If you follow me on Pinterest then you may have already have seen this idea…but if you don’t, I wanted to share with you!  I posted a few weeks ago about fixing up older furniture by making something shabby chic…and so I was on a hunt to find a piece of furniture I could work with.  This is what Hubby and I found:

For $60, it was a steal!  The body of the piece is in perfect condition, the only tiny flaw is that it’s missing some hardware on the front, but that’s no big deal since I was planning on replacing all of them with fun glass knobs anyway.  I’m planning on using this piece in the nursery…originally as a changing table, but because it would be tight to fit a changing pad on top of it with all the changing supplies with it…it’s just going to be a dresser. 
A week after I found this early 1900’s beauty, I stumbled across this idea on Pinterest and of course re-pinned it!  It’s all about taking a raw piece of furniture and turning it into something with a finish like this:
Retails at Ethan Allen for $460!!!!  Crazy!
Want to know how to do this???  Well head over to Pearl Street Interior’s Blog to find out.  I plan on doing this to the antique dresser I got for our nursery…and in the end will still be cheaper than that little side table from Ethan Allen…with the same exact finish!!!  I love finds like this!

2 thoughts on “It’s All About the Glam….And Silver Leafing

  1. Alex & Malisa says:

    I always see my friends do cute crafts and 'fixer uppers' for their nursery. I hope when the time comes that I can too. I'm not a artsy or crafty person AT ALL. It's definitely a money safer though. Good for you =).

  2. Modern Momma says:

    Haha I'm not artsy or crafty either…I'm just trying to be! Coating it in fake silver leaf (real silver leaf is way too expensive) looked pretty easy, so I figure why not try it. I may actually try fake gold leaf…it just depends on what goes best with the room.

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