17 Week Pregnancy Update and Baby Girl Pictures

The week 17 video:

And here are some more pictures from our ultrasound on Monday.  

Here is our baby girl:
Such a cute profile!
You have to know what you’re looking for…you’ll see where the arrow is pointing…there is a ‘coffee bean’, ha!  That’s what the ultrasound guy called it.  🙂
She already has eyelashes!  They can tell due to the amount of calcium the ultrasound picked up on!

5 thoughts on “17 Week Pregnancy Update and Baby Girl Pictures

  1. Shasta says:

    People on youtube are crazy Morgan. And probably jealous that you are pregnant and they aren't. That's awesome that you are doing your own crib sheets! I would do that to save money too when I am expecting, but I cannot sew. LOL. Also, your belly is too cute!

  2. Modern Momma says:

    Thanks Shasta. As for sewing, I've pretty much been teaching myself through online videos and websites. It's actually pretty easy but the cost of the sewing machine is the real kicker at the beginning (I chose to buy a slightly more expensive one but figured it would be better quality?). I love the idea of making my own baby sheets, not only because they save money but it's hard to find sheets that I like that aren't plastered with animals or cutesy print, lol, but we'll see. I might end up buying some if my sheets turn out horribly!

  3. Alex & Malisa says:

    What the thumbs down?! Who does that. It probably IS the same person doing it just to be dumb. Or like Shasta said about being jealous. And I totally know what you mean about telling your baby names and people ruining it for you. My husband and I have had our baby names picked out since we were dating (boy and girl) and we've already changed a couple of them because of people's reactions to them. So I've learned to keep my mouth shut and not tell people. lol. Also, I had no idea about any of the dangers of bumper pads in a crib. After watching the video I had to go research it. WOW. Definitely something to think about. Oh ps, I literally LOL when you said you live in the bathroom. Awesome. =)

  4. Modern Momma says:

    Malisa – I went off on a pregnant tangent, lol! It doesn't really bother me but the fact that someone is talking about their baby and someone 'dislikes' it? Haha, just don't watch it then!

    Aw, you guys are just too cute! How long have you guys been together? And just like you said, I think we are pretty sure that we're going to keep it a secret now. Maybe let our parents know but other than that, no one else will find out.

  5. Alex & Malisa says:

    Haha… I wanna say that we'll keep our new names a secret but Alex and I are the worst at keeping secrets so who knows. We'll probably end up telling people and just have to ignore their negative comments =). My family has a tradition that the girls have 2 middle names. I love it and Alex is okay with it but some people think it's weird. I like being different though. 😉

    We're been together since January 09. We dated for just a little while before getting married in July of 09. Crazy I know, but it works for us. There's more to it than that. It's kinda a long story, but if you get bored you can read the looong version of it here:


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