Mabel is 1 Month Old!

I’m late with this post, 2 whole days to be exact!  Mabel is officially a month old and I’m amazed with
how quickly time has gone by!  She no longer fits into her newborn clothes, her legs are just too long!  Her 0-3 month clothes fit now, but are still a bit baggy.  I don’t want her to grow too quickly so I hope she slows down a bit.  😉
I’m also sorry for a lack of vlogs with her in them!  She’s been a cranky pants lately and it’s hard to get her in a video without getting her upset or if she’s sleeping, I just don’t have the heart to wake her up.  But I PROMISE I will get a 1 month update video with her in it this weekend (it’s a lot easier to get things done with her when my Hubby is around, so I might use him to help me shoot the video!)
Until then…here is the vlog of me 4 weeks postpartum.  A bunch of you may have already seen it but I haven’t posted it on the blog yet.  Also, here are some new pics of Mabel!  Enjoy!

A Super Cute Ladybug!

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