Mabel’s First Christmas

I’m a few days late with including photos from Christmas morning, but I figured better late than never, lol!  I didn’t take as many photos as I should have and I primarily focused on her opening and enjoying her Christmas gifts.

baby prints
Her little hand and foot print. 🙂

This year, the best thing about the holidays was seeing the expression and joy that she was experiencing.  I couldn’t have been happier.  It was an amazing first Christmas with Mabel.

Mabel Chewing on her Shirt

And I tried to include the names/links to what the toys are in case you’re looking for some gift ideas for a special little one in the future.  😉

This was her FAVORITE gift by far!  Her grandparents sent here the Playskool Roctivity Walk ‘N Roll Rider and she didn’t want to be taken off of it!  She’s still a tad too little to actually scoot around on her own, but we slide her back and forth on it and she won’t stop grinning.  The neat thing is that the seat lifts up and your baby can use it as a walker too.

Mabel and her motocycle

This was Mabel cruisin’ around our house in her new Little Tykes Cozy Coup.  I remembered these from when I was little and never got one.  So of course I’m living vicariously through Mabel and had to get her one.  The neat thing is that they make them with this little grate thingy that you can place in the bottom of the car (where a bigger kiddo’s feet would normally go to scoot around) so that smaller kiddos can still ride around/get pushed by their parents.

Mabel Cozy Coupe
Cruisin’ with Elmo.

Mabel was intrigued by this Fisher Price Laugh ‘N Learn Dance ‘N Play Puppy.  Why do all kids toys have an ‘N in them rather than and?  Lol.  Anyway, it was pretty cute…and when the puppy falls over it says ‘uh oh’.

A Happy Mabel

I LOVED Fisher Price Little People when I was younger so it was on the list for Mabel’s first Christmas.  I wanted to get her the farm or the playhouse but I figured she would be a tad too young to truly figure out what to do with them so we got her the Fisher Price Lil’ Movers Airplane.  The airplane makes plane noises and little lights on the wings light up.  Three Little People were included, which she loves chewing on rather than putting them in the plane, ha!

Mabel huh?

And to finish the photos off…I FINALLY got a nice photo of the two of us!  Since I’m always the one taking photos…I have a ton of good photos of both her and my husband, but none of me with her.  So I prepped the camera and got my husband to take a handful of us.  Yay!

Mabel and Mommy Christmas

I hope all of you had an amazing holiday and were able to spend time with the ones you love.  🙂

Happy Holidays!

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7 thoughts on “Mabel’s First Christmas

  1. Rebeca K says:

    I’m glad you guys had a great first Christmas together! Mabel is adorable! I love her little pigtails, super cute!
    We too had our first Christmas together with our 3 yr old (were adopting) and it was so much fun watching her excitement over her presents 🙂 Kids make Christmas even more fun!
    Happy New Year!

    • Morgan says:

      Thanks Rebeca! Congrats on adopting! That’s such an amazing thing. 🙂 And their excitement is just the best, isn’t it? Totally made my morning…I just can’t wait until Mabel is a little older and can truly understand Christmas and partake in all of the traditions.

      Happy New Year to you too!

  2. jane says:

    Those toys look like great fun and Mabel looks happy and full of enthusiasm for the big day. I found that Christmas got even better when my children were a bit older and could join in more with the build up to the festive season, so you have a lot to look forward to still

    • Morgan says:

      That’s what I’m excited about! It’s fun now…but I think it’ll be even more enjoyable when she’s older and truly understands everything. Happy New Year! 😉

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